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Innovation Learning Lab

Zine Workshop May 10th

Zine Workshop May 10th

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Learners will engage with the history of zines as a form of self-expression and activism
and produce their own zine reflecting personal experiences or societal issues they care

While all ages can participate in this workshop and zine making, the full lesson is most
effective and appropriate for students from 13-18.

Suggested Pre-Workshop Materials:
1) Read Isabel Quintero’s Gabi, a Girl in Pieces (2014)
2) Watch Moxie (2021)
These works provide a foundational understanding of what zines are and the work they
can potentially do. They provide opportunities for critical thinking and discussion on
topics such as systemic oppression, generational trauma, self-expression, social justice, and activism.

This workshop is designed to be inclusive and accessible to participants of all
backgrounds and skill levels. It will be ensured that everyone feels supported and
empowered to express themselves through zine-making.

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