Recommendations from families!

"It was important to our family that the community we participated in focused on our children’s whole well-being, incorporated goal making, and allowed our children to follow their interest. We wanted our children to be encouraged to not only make goals and accomplish them, but also how to figure out arguments with friends, show consideration for their environment, purposefully practice anti-racism, and learn what it means to have a space and people that care for them. At Innovation Learning Lab, our children practice these skills through hands-on projects and daily provocations. They also have plenty of learning opportunities that intentionally builds community through ordinary playing outside."

"I really appreciate the cooperative relationship we have established with the guides at ILL. As a family, we have values and standards that are non-negotiable, and ultimately, influence our children’s learning goals. ILL has regular check-ins with us to ensure those values and standards are emphasized throughout our children’s academic endeavors, along with honoring our children’s individual interests. We also communicate as much as needed to ensure any emotional needs are addressed and a growth mindset is supported. In my opinion, this relationship exhibited between parents and ILL guides is a model for our children on how we build a community with respect, honor other people’s needs, and value each other’s company."

-Parent of two Innovation Learners age 6 and 8

“We love Innovation learning lab! It has been greatly beneficial to our homeschool journey.  We personally love the combination of having time to do our core skill subjects first thing and then having the rest of the day be hands on learning through, experiments, art, building and tons more!  There is always new classes added for my kids to have the opportunity to grow in different areas.  Ms. Tamara goes the extra mile to make sure this environment is everything we signed up for and more! - we highly recommended it”

-Parent of two Innovation Learners age 11 and 12

"As the parent of a child who attends Innovation Learning Lab, I would highly recommend this program or summer camps for any family that prioritizes a healthy positive learning and social environment. The weekly curriculum and activities are thoughtfully planned, flow with the interests of the kids, and keep them engaged. Personal choices are respected, while goals and ownership over learning are taught and encouraged. Tamara and her Guide's interact with the children with such care and kindness and set a wonderful tone of positive joyful learning. As well, I have found them to be open to communication and collaborative in solving problems or concerns, as well as supportive of our specific homeschooling learning tasks or activities. This wonderful friendly community and the many varied offerings, from culture, entrepreneurship, history, music, to engineering, geography and art are a nice compliment to our current homeschooling plan. My child is now making her own learning goals and has even started a business. We are so happy we joined this little learning community and so grateful!"

-Parent of Innovation Learner age 10

"Innovation Learning Lab is a gem in the homeschooling community! My kids get to participate in the most cutting edge classes and projects. They also enjoy the independence and opportunity to socialize with other peers. One of the best things about the program is that learners are taught to take charge of their learning by setting their own goals. They are challenged through daily, weekly and monthly check ins. They are guided to work independently, as well as collaboratively. All the while, being a contributing member of the community is encouraged, as all learners pitch in to help the community flow throughout the day. Learners are shown that their voice matters. Community meetings are held that encourage learners to give input on upcoming projects, field trips, and activities. With a fierce commitment to diversity and social justice, there is no better place to give your learner a joy filled, hands on experience to enhance their love of learning!" 

- Parent of four Innovation Learners ages 5, 7, 9 and 11