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Devin, Guide with a focus Science

Devin, Guide with a focus on Science and Nature
Hi, there! I'm a homeschooling mom with over six years of experience in education. Prior to that, I worked as an educator and curriculum developer in the wireless technology industry. 
My passion lies in discovering new ways to ignite a love for learning in my students and connecting that passion to real-world applications. I believe that children learn best when they see how the information applies to their lives and when they understand how it fits into the larger picture. Facilitating group discussions and explorations is one of my favourite things to do, and I find it extremely gratifying to watch each student's unique gifts shine. 
As an educator, my approach is to let students lead the educational experience and act as a guide. I believe that hands-on learning with visual and auditory elements is the best way to keep students engaged and excited about learning. So, let's come together and feast on the buffet of learning!