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Guide Highlight: Krystle Chaisson, Guide with a focus on Creative Art

Krystle Chaisson, Guide with a focus on Creative Arts I'm a homeschool mom of 4 plus years, and a previous educator with a specialty in Special Education.  As a creative, my goal is to introduce students to new and exciting ways to express themselves and let them know that being creative does not just apply to writers, painters and artists. I believe that creativity is for everyone and is an attitude and a way of problem-solving that can apply across many domains from business to biology. I encourage students by creating a compassionate and accepting environment and rewording assignments to boost creative thinking. From baking, gardening, sewing and everything in between, your students will learn to enrich their lives by...

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Guide Highlight: Lorraine Zajac, Guide with a focus on Computers and Technology

Lorraine Zajac, Guide with a focus on CAD and 3D Printing I'm a longtime homeschool mom (10+ years) and STEM enthusiast and educator. My STEM adventures began 6 years ago facilitating LEGO robotics/ engineering summer camps and after-school programs.  The past few years, I have recently transitioned to introducing students to the emerging technology of 3D Printing and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) through summer camps, workshops, and virtual online classes. I believe all students are innovators, and through my classes and interactions with them, I encourage them to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts to solve real-world problems. Join me as I empower your students to use this technology to change the world and their lives through incorporating resilience,...

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Guide Highlight: Carla Garibay, Guide with a focus on Spanish

Carla Garibay, Guide with a focus on Spanish I am a wife and mom of a 5 year old with a background in computer engineering. I am from Mexico, so I love sharing my culture and learning all about education, homeschooling, emotional intelligence and brain development plus philanthropy.  I like to watch kids blossom as each unique individual in a nurturing and loving environment.   Since I became a mom I dedicated my first 4 years as a stay at home mom and recently began working as a substitute teacher, as a guide at ILL and back to school working through an Emotional Intelligence workshop.  I am still dedicated to my family most of my time, but working with kids has been one of the most rewarding...

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