What exactly is Innovation Learn Lab?

We center building community through offering full day programing three days a week at two locations.  Mondays, in South Austin and Wednesdays and Fridays in Cedar Park.  Families can choose to join one to three days a week. 

Each day Innovators join up to three classes or clubs, which change each semester based upon what Innovators vote for, but are guided by our class offerings.

We intentionally build community throughout the day.  We launch and land each day with gatherings focused on community and fostering social-emotional skills. 

Innovators set Intentions and SMART Goals prior to each semester, with the guidance of Parents and Guide.  Throughout the semester Innovators follow the path to achieving their Intentions and SMART Goals at Innovation (and outside Innovation  if they choose) to earn badges for each success and celebrate as a community at the end of each semester.   Innovators choose and build lunch clubs, allowing freedom of choice and more time for building deeper relationships.  

What ages are Innovators (students)?

Learners age 5-18 are welcome.  Ages 5-7 must be 5 by September of the school year and attend with an older sibling.  

When is Innovation open?

South Austin is open Mondays from 10-2pm

Cedar park is open on Wednesdays from 10-2:30

Fridays from 10-2 with an option to extend the day from 2-4

Does Innovation test?

No.  We gauge an Innovators knowledge of concepts while in class, never in a formal testing format.

How does Innovation measure students(Innovators) growth?

We begin each semester at our Community Party where we celebrate the new semester and community.  At this time Parents, a Guide and Innovators meet to set intentions and SMART goals.  Throughout the semester, in each class, the Innovator will check on progress of their Intentions and SMART Goals, allowing Innovators to own each step of the way by checking off what they have accomplished and striving toward what to accomplish next.  At the end of each semester we will celebrate accomplished Intentions and SMART Goals. At the end of every semester and we will have a Community Party to launch the next semester and update Intentions and SMART Goals.

What educational philosophies does Innovation follow?

Our methods are individualized to suit each individual learner.  We utilize a wide range of methodologies, including Montessori, Child Led, Unschooling, and Unit Studies.  

How does Innovation support students with food allergies?

We are a nut free space during our hours, but we  rent, so there are other groups we share the space with and therefor we cannot predict exposure to nuts in the space.  Learners with food allergies will receive a personalized plan to support their health, but each learner is different, so please reach out to us to see how we can support your learner.

How does Innovation handle bullying?

Bullying is defined as "...intentionally and repeatedly causing harm to another individual.." and have zero tolerance for such.  Each family and Innovator will receive a handbook upon joining the Innovation community that outlines the steps we take to handle aggressive  and harmful behavior. If these steps are not followed the Innovator will be required to leave the community and not allowed to return.

How do you support Neurodivergent and Learning Different Innovators?

In our Community Party parents will share what makes their children unique, tools that work for them and how to support their children.  Guides will utilize these tools and will need parents to keep Innovation in the know of new tools and goals. 

Innovation offers many physical tools, a nest (calm space), reminders of tools and welcomes "go-bags" or toolkits from home.  Guides are in on-going training for Neuodivergence and implementing new techniques all the time. All tools and supports are welcome and appreciated. 

Sometimes an Innovator will need extra support of an outside adult for a short period or extended time to succeed at Innovation. In such circumstance the family will be made aware and as such a family will provide this person for their child.

Please note:

At Innovation we prioritize  emotions over rigor.  We understand the significance of creating a nurturing space that values kindness and empathy for others. Consequently, we are committed to pausing any activity when necessary to realign the community with these core values. While this may occasionally mean not completing a full class or achieving a specific goal, it ensures that our learners feel truly seen, heard, and secure within the Innovation environment. This, in turn, cultivates an atmosphere conducive to accelerated and meaningful learning experiences. 

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