OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION - Click here! South Austin 9/25, 1/22 and 3/25 12pm - Cedar Park 9/8, 9/13, 1/24, 1/26, 3/27 or 3/29 at 12pm


What exactly is Innovation Learn Lab?

We center building community through offering full day programing three days a week at two locations.  Mondays, in South Austin and Wednesdays and Fridays in Cedar Park.  Each day Innovators join up to three classes or clubs, which change each semester based upon what Innovators vote for.

We intentionally build community throughout the day.  We launch and land each day with gatherings to develop skills in building healthy relationships, learning how to uplift others and getting to know ourselves so we can function at our best.  That looks like options when we have a confrontation such as counting to ten before reaction, taking a quiet break, asking for someone to support a conversation in resolving conflict or asking to implement new guidelines for the community, strategies to improve our individual mindset and how to center personal health.  Innovators also have lunch clubs, allowing more time for building deeper relationships.  Lastly, if necessary, Guides will pause a class or club to support Innovators in a confrontation and to shift the dynamic of a group.

Innovators can also join just for CAD class on Friday afternoon, without enrolling in the full day.

What ages are learners?

Learners must be 5 by November of the school year, and no older than 19 prior to June of the educational calendar year.

When are you open?

South Austin is open Mondays from 10-2pm

Cedar park is open on Wednesdays from 10-2 and Fridays from 10-2 with an option to extend the day from 2-4.

Do you test?

In an effort to support learners in reaching their intentions and goals, we will facilitate testing for any learner who chooses to use testing as a measure of their accomplishments.  This is in not a requirement.

How do you measure Innovators learning?

At the end of each semester every Guide that your child takes a class with will give input on your Childs growth of soft skills based upon the book 7 Habits of Happy Kids, which we call a Growth Report.  You will get a copy of this Growth Report at the end of every semester.

What educational philosophies do you follow?

Our methods are individualized to suit each individual learner.  We utilize a wide range of methodologies, including Montessori, Child Led, Unschooling, and Unit Studies.  

How do you support students with food allergies?

We are a nut free space during our hours, but we  rent, so there are other groups we share the space with and therefor we cannot predict exposure to nuts in the space.  Learners with food allergies will receive a personalized plan to support their health, but each learner is different, so please reach out to us to see how we can support your learner.