Community Guidelines and Tools

"Inspire, Liberate, Connect, Innovate: Our Journey, Our Choice, Our Success."

 Actively Inspire: Actively share new ideas, thoughts and learnings to inspire others and receive feedback to continue personal growth. Tools of Inspiration: curiosity, celebrating small and big successes

Seek Liberation: Promote the uniqueness of aspirations and actively take the initiative to turn our dreams into reality. Tools of liberation: dreaming, critical thinking, inquiry, reflection, mindfulness

Connection is Key: Prioritize open, respectful, empathetic, communication to root and nurture relationships. Tools of Connection: understand then be understood, include others in activities and conversations, conflict resolution skills

Innovate for Progress: Embrace new ideas and approaches that enhance the overall community experience. Tools of Innovation: look from a different angle or view, creativity and imagination, share ideas and work together

Our Journey, Our Choice: Recognize that each member of the community plays a vital role in the journey of live long learning. Empower learners by collaboratively setting Intentions and SMART goals for both social-emotional and academic growth each semester, guided by Innovators, Parents, and Guides.

Cultivate Healthy Habits: Encourage habits that support mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Diversity is our Strength: Celebrate and welcome diverse families, creating an inclusive and emotionally aware environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Updated by the Innovation Community 2023-2024

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