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Intern Program - Coming this Fall!

Intern Program - Coming this Fall!

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A growth oriented, engaging, class paired with an internship to learn soft skills necessary for employment.  Class time will focus on understanding who Interns are (passions, strengths, areas of growth, etc) and how to fully show up to internship experiences to gain as many skills as possible.  Interns will be placed in a variety of internships in which Innovation has a close relationship to ensure full support is given to the Intern, optimizing growth within the experience.

Classes include the following topics, but will be guided by Intern conversation and feedback:

  1. Communication Skills:
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:
  3. Adaptability and Flexibility:
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration:
  5. Leadership:
  6. Time Management:
  7. Emotional Intelligence:
  8. Creativity and Innovation:
  9. Tech Savviness:
  10. Resilience and Stress Management

This a commitment of attending one weekly class, up to 4 hours a week interning and filling out a weekly feedback post-internship.  Classes meet weekly at our South Austin location on Mondays or at our Cedar Park location on Fridays from 10:45-12.

Intern program cost is $120 per month, on a reoccurring basis through the end of the academic year.

*No partial, or full refunds.  A one month notice prior to withdrawal is required. A donation receipt can be provided.*

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