Building Gratitude and Native American Traditions

Building Gratitude and Native American Traditions

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Class 1 (11/2/21): Join us as we craft a gratitude tree. This will be placed in the classroom, each time someone feels gratitude they may add leaf with what they are grateful for to the tree. We will learn how to offer a smoke offering using local herbs, brew a sweet tea to share, and hear a reading from Braiding Sweet Grass


Class 2 (11/9/21): Busy hands make for grateful work. The class will make a sweet potato soup to share in class. The chefs will enjoy a quick story of the 3 sisters legend and plant their own 3 sisters pot to take home and grow in a sunny window.


Class 3 (11/16/21): Chefs will cook a rice and beans style of dish and craft Smudge feathers while lunch is cooking. These beautifully hand tied pieces will make a special addition to their smoke offerings in class, and at home. The series will close with sharing the gratitude tree, and closing ceremony.


$20.00 per class, per learner