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What exactly is Innovation Learn Lab?

We offer academic classes, tutoring, and extra curricular activities that support and educate learners outside of the traditional model. The learner and their guardian(s) choose what works best for them.  A learner may choose to take just one class with us, or many, or join us on field trips, or engage in group play. Every learners experience is customizable, depending on the current needs of the learner.

What ages are learners?

Learners must be 5 by November of the school year, and no older than 19 prior to June of the educational calendar year.

What are the hours of?

8 am - 5 pm

What is the schedule?

8 - 9 Group play

9 - 1 Group Classes, Individual Development, and Goal work 

(varies based upon learners needs, and semester)

1-4:30 Trips and/or Group Play

Do you test?

In an effort to support learners in reaching their intentions and goals, we will facilitate testing for any learner who chooses to use testing as a measure of their accomplishments.  This is in no way required for every learner.

What educational philosophies do you follow?

Our methods are individualized to suit each individual learner.  We utilize a wide range of methodologies, including Montessori, Child Led, Unschooling, and Unit Studies.  

How do you support students with food allergies?

Learners with food allergies have a personalized plan to support their health, but each learner is different, so please reach out to us to see how we can support your learner.