OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION - Click here! South Austin 9/25, 1/22 and 3/25 12pm - Cedar Park 9/8, 9/13, 1/24, 1/26, 3/27 or 3/29 at 12pm

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines and Agreement by Innovators of 2020-21

We always work to be our best selves.

We are brave and try new things, even some that are a bit scary (because that is where the big growth is).

We strive to keep our body and mind healthy.

We look to uplift others with kindness and empathy.

We respect each other's personal space.

We keep our bodies to ourselves.

We ask for permission to sit next to, hug or high five others.

We listen. We speak with kindness.

One Mic.

We speak at a volume that is appropriate for the setting and situation.

Gracefully accept all outcomes, defeat, or wins.

Even if that means taking some space, journaling or finding a way to voice our opinion, respectfully.

Read the room.

Ask, “Is this appropriate at this time?, Is this on the same topic?

Should I write this in my journal, and ask later?”

Ask “Is this reaction or response respectful?”

We respect the materials, and clean up after ourselves when done.